Monday, October 10, 2016

GC Sweater for the Shelter

I finally have a picture of the
GC sweater that I started some weeks ago. I have had it finished for a while but haven't gotten around to posting it. I'm really happy with it. It turned out so cute!! You can't see the pattern very well. It's dark & rainy here so had to use the flash & it washes out. I have about 6 sweaters for the shelter. Usually I have double or more. I have neglected everything it seems like this year. Hoping for a better year in 2017.



Sunday, July 10, 2016

GC Children's Sweaters

I'm still kind of ashamed of myself for the paltry box of children's sweaters that I took to the women's shelter last year. This year is going to be better but not by much. I decided to make some GC sweaters for the kids & this is the first one.                           
It's baby pink, drop shoulder with a cut & sew neck. I have the front back & sleeves finished & just need to knit the neckband. This is pattern #490 of the Stitch World Book. I am going to use small patterns so that it won't look too big for the child. This is a size 2. I didn't have much of it so the smaller size was necessary. Sometimes when I run out of yarn I will finish with a complimentary color but I wanted this one to be all the same color. Hopefully some little girl will love it.
I'm still having some problems with depression, but am trying to fight it off. I finally talked to my DR about it & he wanted to put me on meds but I declined. I wanted something more natural & he said to start exercising as that increases hormones that fight depression. I have my treadmill out now & am going for a 20 minute walk everyday while I watch TV or music on the stereo. Nothing better that taking a stroll listening to Queen rockin' on!!

Friday, January 29, 2016

Hats Finished

Hats are now finished & shipped to my friend. They are for her g'kids. I went to ravelry to get some info on size. Most were 14" x 9" so that is the size I made mine. It only took a couple of hours to knit each one up on the GC. I used some superwash DK wool that is nice & warm. The yarn is by King Cole & not available here in the US any more as the wholesale distributer no longer carries it although I did see it on Ebay a while back. I have maybe 20 cones left in my stash. I bought it to make sweaters for my son. He is outside a lot at work & needed some warm sweaters.
I had a lot  of fun making them & I hope that her g'kids like them. She said that they all have long hair including the boy & a couple of them are curly & bushy so they should work just fine.
While I was making the hats I had placed my GC Turn Around cams in the wrong place & they caused patterning problems at the end stitches. I went to the MK list & asked the members about the GC mis-patterning & received the info that the GC will mis-pattern if the cams are in the wrong place. I just hadn't use the GC for a while & forgot where the cams were supposed to be placed. Thought I would past that information on.


Monday, January 18, 2016

Wool Slouchy Hats

I'm busy making some slouchy hats for a friend. She has 2 high schoolers that want hats & also another one off to college. She wants them all one color, no stripes or fairisle but she did say I could add a little texture so am knitting them up on the GC. She wants one grey, one purple & one blue. I have some 100% Superwash DK Wool that is perfect for it. She said they all have long hair so they need to be roomy.  I might even try to sell one on eBay & see how that goes.

Sunday, December 6, 2015

New Campaign for Afghans for Afghnas

We have finally gotten word that there will be a new campaign next year with the Afghans for Afghans  program. It's been quite some time since we have made any thing for that program. I like to knit for that charity as they want 100% wool products. They don't have washers or dryers or even hot water to wash clothes in so the 100% wool works best for then. It gets very cold there & acrylics will not work for them because if they get wet they freeze, where as the wool doesn't. Just give your wet wool mitten a good shake & most of the wetness will shake right out. Also, the wool holds in the bodies warmth & you won't get cold even if they do get wet. We don't use wool much here because no one wants to hand wash wool garments. I do have some very nice superwash worsted weight wool that is left over from the 'Harry Potter' sweaters that I made for my g'kids. I am going to make a couple of sweaters for 'World Knits' out of it if I have enough.
Happy Holidays

Friday, October 23, 2015

Hope I'm Not Boring Anyone

Am I becoming boring?? I hope not, but looking over my blog I see that I have repeated a couple posts & haven't really had much to say for a while. I would like to do a few more tutorials but haven't gotten to them. But I am machine knitting again for the shelter & for fun.
Here is a size 2 sweater that I have knitted for a friend of mine. She has recently been diagnosed with a rather horrible disease that is going to impact the rest of her life. This sweater is for her g'son. She has a new little g'daughter that I will make something for later.
This little sweater is a size 2 with the short rowed grafted neckband & grafted drop shoulder sleeves. I like to knit the sleeves of a simple sweater like this from the shoulder down. To do that you need to mark the side of the sweater, I use a yarn tag, where the sleeve will be attached. Then, when ready to knit the sleeve hang the side of the sweater on the appropriate number of needles between your yarn markers & knit the first row of the sleeve very carefully to make sure every needle knits through. I hang the sleeve & then close all the latches & knit. If that doesn't work I will hand knit the first row. Once the first row is knitted the rest is easy, & when the sleeve is finished you don't need to attach it to the sweater.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Sewing Kitchen Appliance Covers

Along with machine knitting I like to sew. I have been on eBay & Hyena Cart for 10 years selling my diaper covers. I decided to also do some sewing & sell small kitchen appliance covers. I have several patterns for them & am having lots of fun making them. I have been making them for several months now. This is the first real sewing I have done in years. They are easy to make & with all the interest in quilting there are plenty of cute cotton fabric out there to sew. I think that I will make some clothes for toddlers for the women's shelter too. This is my grandson & he is wearing a pair of summer pajamas that I made for him a couple of years ago. It is a dinosaur print & my son says he loves dinosaurs & wears it all the time. He is 5 now.
This is my granddaughter. She is wearing a little dress that I made for her last year. It is very simple pattern. Just two identical pattern pieces that are sewn together to make a simple one piece that can be worn as a dress & then, as a top when she is older. She said that now she is a princess.
Just Ducky Summer Dress + Wool Panty Cover
The picture is a bit blurry but you get the idea. The hat is called a 'prairie hat' & I bought the pattern at Sew Baby online.
My appliance covers are selling but not as well as my diaper covers. Hopefully they will pick up. There are several different eBayer's that are selling them, some very nice. I am makings sets but they are not selling as sets so I am winding up with lots of mismatched covers. I have them listed individually so maybe they will sell. Right now I am only selling a couple a week. My favorite prints are flowers but other people don't seem to like them as much as I do. LOL But, I will persevere.